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Helping Youth At Home & Abroad

Whether at home or abroad, LOV Olive Branches and Valerie Toliver are passionate about bringing LOV to others.

You can help us prepare for our next local or global missions trip by donating school supplies, candy, backpacks, personal hygiene items.  Please contact us for coordination.  Or you can donate funds that will be used for these events or trips by clicking here.

Back to School Contactless Giveaway in Partnership with Neighborhood Survants in Pasadena 

Covid-19 changed the way that the school year looked for many students in our local communities, but they still needed supplies to be able to complete their work.  LOV Olive Branches was proud to participate in the Back To School Contactless Giveaway in August 2020.  

LOV Olive Branches & the Altadena Rotary Club 

In August 2020 we were in the midst of the Covid-19 Crisis.  Many families in our community found themselves without work and in need of the basic necessities such as food.  Love Olive Branches partnered with the Altadena Rotary Club to supply and distribute food to those in need.  

LOV Olive Branches Christmas at the LA Mission 2019

During the Christmas season, we donated 100 hand sanitizers, 100 note pads, 100 pencils, 10 blankets, bags of candy, and 20 beanie hats. 


This was a joint venture between LOV Olive Branches and other nonprofit organizations to benefit the youth and their families at the LA Mission Homeless Shelter.  

LOV Olive Branches Bahama Missions Trip

My mission trip to the Bahamas was a life-changing experience, I was able to provide haircuts for some of the children and give them backpacks, school supplies, and personal hygiene packages. -Valerie Toliver

LOV Olive Branches Costa Rica Trip

In Costa Rica, I was able to go into the orphanage and love on these children, talk to them and share encouraging words with them.  I gave out candy, books, pencils, pens, and notepads.  I also went to the park to give out t-shirts, candy, and love to the homeless children in the area.  - Valerie Toliver


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